Celebrating spring

This month spring (“ntwasahlobo”- meaning before summer in isiXhosa) was celebrated in the aftercare with the children. To my suprise it had not been celebrated at the school, which I celebrated as a South African school child by wearing ‘civvies’, no school uniform on 1 September.

In South Africa there is not such a clear distinction between the seasons. For example we are still feeling cold and trying to cope with heavy winter rains.

Arbor week

We participated in caring for and learning about our natural environment by planting an indiginous tree for arbor day.

We spent some time with each age group learning about trees.

Grd 4-Grd 8 Girls group – “the uses of trees in everyday life”

Grd R – Grd 2 – “making leaves by practicing tracing and cutting skills”

Grd 3-Grd 4- “the uses of trees”

Grd 4-Grd8 Boys group -” the uses of trees”

Our thanks to Deborah Kleynhans for her kind donation of the tree. Mr Moceia and Mrs Ngewu explained to the children how a tree grows and what is needed in planting and caring for a tree.

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