We’re still going strong!

This week we are proud to say that Vivienne, Kathleen and Mrs Hoza have gone to Tanzania to meet with grandmothers outside Dar Es Salaam. We look forward to all the news that they will bring with them.

Mrs Ngewu and Mrs Mavilo have been attending a St John First Aid training course this week. They say it was a lot of hard work, which included an exam. It will be of great benefit to the aftercare and the organisation to have level 2 first aid workers on hand. Well done to both of them.

Mrs Sishuba and Mrs Nkone have recently joined the aftercare team. A big welcome to them! Mrs Sishuba brings with her skills in conducting a choir and dance and Mrs Nkone is brilliant at beading and is quick to give assistance with homework. Both of them are on an office management course this week at the Volunteer Centre. We look forward the administrative tasks they will assist in in the future.

You may be wondering how we are coping with most of teachers and staff away….

Well, if there is one thing to be said for GAPA is that there is such a team spirit and readiness to assist here.

In the aftercare five grandmothers have volunteered their time and care for the week. We are so grateful to them and appreciate the wonderful job they have been doing!
From left to right:
Mrs Madzinga, Mrs Mase, Mrs Sohena, Mrs Tutu and Mrs Nkonqa.

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