Christmas gifts so far…

Thank you so much for these generous gifts:

Charmaine Sparks and the ladies in her church (we hope to meet you soon) for the 20 dolls

The Laser Group (Feroza for organising) for 25 soccer balls (Thank you Charmaine and your husband for arranging this!)

Joan Kleynhans for her generous contribution of R500

Henk Kleynhans for his generous contribution of R200
Fionna and Toby for  their generous contribution of R500
Ian and Annamarie Barry for their generous contribution of R500
Simone Jacobs for  beautiful teddy bears, jewelry and make-up
Andrew Thompson for generous donation of $50 Australian dollars
Alan Taylor for generous donation of $100 Australian dollars
We’ve made it!! Thank you so much to everyone for making it happen! We can now go do shopping to make dreams come true!
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