Children’s Christmas Party

GAPA Aftercare Christmas Party 3 December
The preparations…

All the excitement!!

Icing Christmas biscuits Judges of the colouring-in competition

Children arrive dressed in their best… GAPA staff sing for the children

The party begins

Mrs Sishuba and the children prepared dances…

and skits…filled with comedy And beautiful songs…More dancing…A day packed with fun!
Younger members also enjoyed the day

Children receive a blessing from Rev. Nyobole (GAPA board member)

Lunch time!

Finally… Father Christmas arrives!
Father Christmas (Mr Moceia)… cheers fill the hall! Soccer balls were so prized. Thank you to The Laser Group for their donation of soccer balls

Next Bafana-Bafana team…

Make-up sets! Thank you to all our sponsors!

Cars “moto”…they guessed before they’d opened it.

Wonder what this is?

Cupcakes specially baked by Kathleen Broderick – thank you they were delicious! …and party packs for each child

Thank you Charmaine and ladies of Edgemead for the beautiful dolls!

One of the colouring-in competition winners

From everyone at GAPA we wish to extend our heartfelt gratitude to making these dream a reality!
You have made a big difference in the lives of these children who a vulnerable due to the effects of HIV/AIDS

Thank you to:
The Laser Group
Charmaine Sparks and the ladies from Edgemead
Joan Kleynhans
Fionna and Toby
Ian and Annamarie Barry
Simone Jacobs
Andrew Thompson
Alan Taylor
Henk Kleynhans
May you have a blessed festive season!
Kind regards

Althea Barry
Programme Developer
GAPATel: 021 364 3138
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