new year at GAPA

2009 is now in full swing at GAPA. All the grandmothers are back from their visits to their homes in the Eastern Cape, all the grandchildren are back at school and now grandmothers that are caring for tiny children are looking for financial assistance that will enable them to register the children at the nearest creche or preschool close to their homes. What a sigh of relief they give when they receive a bursary from GAPA. It is really tiring work caring for lively preschoolers everyday all day and all night. Any one who has had the pleasure of looking after grandchildren will know how nice it is when they can go back to their parents and give granny time to put up her feet and relax. Unfortunately grandmothers that are the sole custodians of their grandchildren have no such respite. This is why GAPA runs a bursary scheme. It costs up to R150 a month to keep a child in a preschool. At these creche/preschools the childen receive a meal, socialisation and school preparation.

For any more details of the scheme, a quick phone call to our office 021 3643138 will provide info.
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