International Women’s day

On 10 March we held a special day of remembering how important we are and women. This was held in the GAPA centre with grandmothers who were attending our health club.

The grandmothers identified that women were important because:
  • A home is not a home without a mother
  • Women carry huge responsibility
  • A gathering of women has strength
  • ]Where there are women there is value
  • A mother is the pillar of a household
  • Children without a mother are sometimes not properly raised
  • Women are important, they take charge of a household, even if a man is successful a woman is usually his support
  • A woman is like a hen who seeks food for the chickens, to feed them and protect them from vultures
  • A woman is needed in times of illness and death, she protects people in the house
  • A woman has a huge role in the house, even when a man is present she is the one who makes will come up with a plan
  • women are powerful on their own
  • Women are important because many women’s organisations are fully fledged because of the women present
  • During apartheid women were instrumental in confronting ‘straydom’
  • The value of man is enhanced because of women.
  • Women are powerful because they are adaptable to change. Even without education women learnt about HIV/AIDS and are teaching others
These were important statements for the grandmothers as many of them care for households of orphaned children on their own (without husbands). 
These women have endured the dangers of apartheid, the change from rural to urban lifestyle, poverty and the onslaught of HIV/AIDS.
This was followed by a moment of silence to acknowedge the years in which these women have remained strong. There was so much emotion in the room in which the grandmothers shared their heart-breaking stories of the challenges they face.
We wish to acknowledge the women of GAPA for the pillars of strength they are in the community
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