Poem by Mrs A Mdaka

Depression is my name
Depression knows my name!
It knows every details
Even my weight down to scale!
It seems to know the route to my
As it calls me in my sleep
following my dreams as they go 
it feeds off my life support
and because of this, I know my life 
will be short
They don’t understand me. You see
and what we don’t understand we attack
killing everything about it that
sccares you
bit by bit if fades away
Until nothing but sadness and
damned faces are left
All thanks to theft
that came and swept away all
Permanent hybernation and all its
But as the struggle against
depression grows
more than not knowing who is the 
There is one thing that I can’t stand any
and that is…
In all the fairness and in all the truth
one question remains the same
Oh Great Depression!
How do you know my name?!!!!!!!!
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