Monwabisi Beach Outing with Aftercare

Monwabisi beach is just on the border to Khayelitsha, within False Bay. Many of the children and grandmothers hardly have the time or the means to make use of this resource, although it is only 10km from the GAPA centre. So many families are concerned with living day to day that a day of relaxation does not feature in their lives.

The Monwabisi, City of Cape Town gave us a discount to make use of their braai/pool facility, for this we are very grateful

The Monwabisi staff put clean water into the pool for us… as soon as it was filled the fun and games began

Catching some sun

Mrs Hoza for Miss South Africa

Mrs Ngewu gets her feet wet

The Monwabisi beach lifeguard on standby

Basking in the sun

Mrs Nkonka and Mrs Skefile nominated for princesses

Florence and Mrs Gusha collect bananas for the picnic

Taking the older children for a trip down to the beach

Picnic time – The kitchen staff prepared a wonderful meal of chicken, salad, juice and fruit

Ready to go home

Calm after the party

All the grandmothers who assisted on the day.
Total 67 children and 23 Grandmothers
It was in summary: “A Perfect day!”

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