In loving memory of Mrs Mavilo

Mrs Mavilo

“>Mrs Mavilo was a wonderful friend, teacher, mother and grandmother. She passed away suddenly this weekend due to cardiac arrest

Here are some of the things that we loved about her:
“She was very friendly with children”
“She always say things that will make us laugh”
” She was a business co-operative leader, she made many wonderful items that have been bought by our staff. She was very skilled and organised, she used to make traditional clothing. She was a God-fearing person, highly religious. “
“She was very good with a sewing machine”
“She instilled many values into our children”
“She was a peace-loving person, who didn’t like conflict”
“She was always eager to learn, and always innovative ideas”
“She used to remember everything that she learnt and use it to teach others”
“She was someone we could trust”
The children she taught in our aftercare miss her so much, they remember how she used to mend the holes in their clothes and teach them songs and stories.
Mrs Mavilo may you rest in peace and may those that interacted with you remember how much richer you made their lives

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