Wonderful visit from Prof Jennifer Fish and Prof Bette Dickerson

Professor Jennifer Fish and Bette Dickerson returned to GAPA last week amidst a very emotional meeting in which we were wishing Vivienne happy birthday and taking stock of all our achievements for the year.
Their arrival was an added celebration. The grandmothers saw the rewards of their work with Prof Fish’s student in 2007 who raised funds to purchase us a much needed and welcomed netbook.
We are so grateful to have partners who promote awareness of the grandmother’s stories and uphold their dignity on every front.
Below is an email from Jennifer that I thought should be shared. It highlights some of the links to GAPA activities.

“Dear Sojourners and Friends,

We have shared an incredible opportunity to bring GAPA to South Africa’s international conference on reconciliation [http://www.beyondreconciliation.co.za/]. The grandmothers were featured in a roundtable discussion and we collectively presented our own initial research on the dual trauma women face in living with memories of apartheid and burden of HIV/AIDS. Bette is here with me, which has been another profound journey that solidifies our work on this project, as well as our kindred connections.
While at the conference, I showed pieces of the documentary Rachel is producing to the GAPA speakers and the organization’s Director, Vivienne Budaza, and filmed their initial responses. I hope you will enjoy this beautiful piece.
Felicia Mfamana, one of the grandmothers in our presentation, was also recently featured for World AIDS Day on Aljazeera News [http://english.aljazeera.net/news/africa/2009/12/200912180763259.html]
Sending my best from Cape Town!
Jennifer “

Grandmothers Against Poverty and AIDS
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