PRRR Men’s Health Event

The GAPA grannies raising cancer awareness on the side of the road

On 22nd November, GAPA hosted a Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon Men’s Health Event. According to the Health Calendar, November is the month of Men’s Health: Prostate and Testicular Cancer Awareness, and as GAPA we also raised our voice to further mobilise the community. The day was well attended and it was a great success – with speakers from CANSA Association, Movember Navigators, local churches, GAPA and a couple of performances by the National Theatre. The aim of the day was to raise awareness among men to take responsibility for their health, receive the necessary screenings and spread the news regarding early detection and prevention. It was a great occasion for the GAPA grandmothers and the men in the community to come together for a common cause and as usual, the GAPA gogos did not disappoint and filled the day with passion, joy and hope. Thank you to ALL who made this day possible!

GAPA grannies ready for the event in their pink PRRR shirts

Candlelight held for cancer victims

The tent was full to the brim with GAPA grandmothers and many men in attendance

The day was marked by unity and openness among the men.

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