Snippets from 2014

Juno, Vivienne and Hanmarie, 2013

Juno, Vivienne and Hanmarie, 2013

The months have flown by this year and we are already in June! Here are a few snippets of what has happened so far in the lives and activities of GAPA:

In January this year, GAPA sadly experienced the loss of our beloved Juno, Programme Coordinator of the Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon Campaign. Not only did GAPA lose a dynamic colleague, but to many, a close friend and confidant. Her journey living with cancer was one that was humbling and sobering. Her life showed us that cancer is not a respecter of persons but that regardless of what life throws at us, we can live life to the full, harnessing the potential we have, rather than merely surviving and waiting out our fate.

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 8.12.49 PM copyHowever, also in January, GAPA welcomed a new Occupational Therapist on board, Meghan Krenzer. We trust that her joining the team will add a special flavour to the work that GAPA does.




Each One Teach One GAPA and AIWe have enjoyed the continued support of and partnership with  African Impact, who have been integral with our Aftercare Programme. In consultation and work with the GAPA Occupational Therapist and grandmothers, African Impact’s interventions have served to be collaborative and developmental in the approach. GAPA started the Each One Teach One program at the beginning of 2014, whereby a space is provided for the international volunteers from African Impact and the GAPA Grandmothers to share activities and learn new ones, therefore gaining an understanding of the hegemonies around play and development present in the different worldviews of both the volunteers and grandmothers. This has been extremely valuable, as the mutual understanding allows the activity programs for the children to be more developmentally specific and allows for a greater care to be given to the children, in understanding the value of play and culture. The Each One Teach One Program, has now begun collaborating with the peer educators (children) within the aftercare, so that they can develop responsibility and skills in leadership, so to promote healthy behavior and well-being for themselves, and their peers.

Watch this space to find out more about this exciting new programme…

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