In loving memory of Mrs Mavilo

Mrs Mavilo

“>Mrs Mavilo was a wonderful friend, teacher, mother and grandmother. She passed away suddenly this weekend due to cardiac arrest

Here are some of the things that we loved about her:
“She was very friendly with children”
“She always say things that will make us laugh”
” She was a business co-operative leader, she made many wonderful items that have been bought by our staff. She was very skilled and organised, she used to make traditional clothing. She was a God-fearing person, highly religious. “
“She was very good with a sewing machine”
“She instilled many values into our children”
“She was a peace-loving person, who didn’t like conflict”
“She was always eager to learn, and always innovative ideas”
“She used to remember everything that she learnt and use it to teach others”
“She was someone we could trust”
The children she taught in our aftercare miss her so much, they remember how she used to mend the holes in their clothes and teach them songs and stories.
Mrs Mavilo may you rest in peace and may those that interacted with you remember how much richer you made their lives

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August at GAPA

GAPA has been very busy in August. The month started off with a visit to Cedar House, a school in Kenilworth, CapeTown. The occasion was the celebration of the end of a year long involvement between the learners and grandmothers at GAPA. As part of their community intervention programme the learners visited GAPA several times in the year They swapped skills with the grandmothers and both age groups benefitted greatly from the meetings. The party was enjoyed by all and the grandmothers came back to GAPA with a video that the learners had made of their time at GAPA.
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Community Outreach programme by the SRC of Cape Peninsular University of Technology.
(Bellville campus) On Sat 29th August 135 children from the Aftercare at GAPA and 14 grandmothers were treated to a day of fun at the campus of CPUT. There were jumping castles, slides, clowns, face painting, games and food aplenty.
All children were given a bright blue T-shirt which said “we are members of the community before we are students”

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Learners and grandmothers at the party.

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August at GAPA

August has been a very busy and exciting month for the grandmothers at GAPA. On Monday the 17th a large group of grandmothers were invited to a party at Cedar House in Kenilworth, Cape Town. The event was the culmination of a year’s involvement of the learners of this school with the grandmothers at GAPA. The learners visited GAPA several times throughout the year to share skills with grandmothers as part of their community involvement curriculum. Every time the learners came there was a lot of fun games, eating and exchange of information. At the party at Cedar House the learners presented the grandmothers with a video that they had made on their visits. A great time was had by all.
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Dance and singing in the Aftercare

Mrs Sishuba teaches children dance and singing at part of our aftercare programme

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Media invite: Media Invite: GAPA hosts International Day of Action for Women’s Health

International Day of Action for Women’s Health 
—  Day for Grandmother’s Health Promotion — 
Khayelitsha, May 29, 2009 – On May 29, a large number grandmothers will gather at GAPA centre, Khayelitsha to discuss and learn about various topics related to their health. They will do this to draw attention health issues such as HIV/AIDS, cervical cancer, adherence to treatment and health and well being. 
Amongst the Grandmothers at GAPA is has been established that a majority of them manage chronic diseases of lifestyle such as hypertension and arthritis while also caring for households which experience the ravaging effects of HIV/AIDS.
WHO: GAPA – Grandmothers Against Poverty and AIDS
WHEN: 09h00- 13h00   
WHERE: J415 Qabaka Cresent
J-Section Khayelitsha
Directions to GAPA
Take the N2 out of Cape Town towards Somerset West. After Mew Rd look for the next exit. This is exit No 29 (Spine Road). Take this exit off the highway.Turn right over the highway towards Khayelitsha. Proceed round the small circle to the first intersection. This is Lansdown Rd. Turn right and then 400 m along turn left at Lawulo Rd. The back of the GAPA centre will now be visible. Turn first left and then left again into Qabaka Cres to access the main gate of the GAPA centre.
PROGRAMME : Program Director:    Ms R. Hoza 
Opening and welcome:  Mrs Dlulani
Morning Devotion:  Mrs Shishuba                     
Cervical Screening on site:  Department of Health
Education on use of medication: Department of Health
Nia Dance:   GAPA Grandmothers and Gillian Warren-Brown
Oral Hygiene:  Dr K. Nojilana (Michael Mapongwana Day hospital)
Keynote Address:  Professor Bette Dickerson (American University)
GAPA song: GAPA Grandmothers
Motivational Speaker:   Professor Jennifer Fish (Old Dominion University)
GAPA is a voluntary organization that implements programmes to support grandmothers affected by HIV/AIDS in urban and rural communities to continue with their lives and to cope better as providers of care and support for their infected children.
Programmes include:
· support groups and cooperatives
· educational workshops
· Aftercare facilties
· Pre-school bursary schemes
Note to Journalists: · The  action will begin at 09h00 a.m. sharp. Media should arrive early to set up for photos.
Media Contact:    Vivienne Budaza, tel: 021 364 3138
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GAPA in the news – Cape Times

 Jo-anne Smetherham (Journalist) and Eric Miller (Photographer) wrote a wonderful article about the Grandmothers at GAPA in a March edition of Cape Times. Please look up the link to read more:

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